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Our community is in uncharted territory when trying to gauge the full economic impacts of the coronavirus. The City of Burleson is committed to work with all of our community partners and local businesses to help provide as much assistance as possible in this trying time.

The public can help support local businesses by purchasing electronic gift certificates from these businesses.

The public’s generosity and support of our local businesses will not only directly help the employees at these locations, but also indirectly help our local economy continue until this event has passed.

Consider the amount that you and your family spend at local businesses and the drastic reduction in those numbers with the recommendations of social distancing and mandated closures. Without financial support now, some businesses will not be able to reopen when this threat subsides.

Whether you choose to use the gift cards now for to-go/curbside, after the threat has passed, as a gift in the future, or choose to not to use at all as a donation, our local businesses need our community’s support now more than ever.

Retail and Food spending make up 60% percent of the City’s entire spending, the ripple effect of this financial impact will be unprecedented. By purchasing gift cards now, we can help lessen this impact.

More than 3,500 employees work in the food service industry alone in the City Limits.